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Sticky port & fig chicken tray bake

{Sticky port & fig chicken tray bake} Enjoy the sticky sweet flavours of roasted chicken in port and figs. A hint of lemon juice cuts through the sweet sauce to give balance.

Sweet potato and chicken curry

An appetising combination of chicken and sweet potato give this curry a smooth, rich taste. Andy Waters' chicken curry recipe suggests using chicken thighs which are noted for their strong, wholesome flavour.

Chicken Wings

Garlicky Chicken Wings | These sticky, crispy chicken wings have a nice kick, thanks to a simple chile-garlic glaze.

Perfect Bite: Grilled Corn with Bacon

Our new favorite way to enjoy sweet high-summer corn is to grill it, then pair…

Roasted chicken breasts with mustard cream sauce

Chicken thighs cooked in a luscious, gluten-free creamy sun-dried tomato and basil sauce. Served with rice, it is the perfect fuss-free dinner.

Butterflied Roast Chicken with Red Onions

Roast Chicken is my 'I don’t want to cook' meal. It’s fast and requires very little hands-on preparation. I butterfly it, brush it with ghee, add some onions and another vegetable or two, season with salt and pepper, put it in the oven and walk away.

Beer-Can Roasted Chicken with Fig-Jam Pan Sauce