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22ft x 8.5 x 13.2

22ft x 8.5 x 13.2

Tiny house, with the trailer hitch turned into a tiny deck

Tiny House with Porch over Hitch of Trailer Interesting. I wonder how much space is lost by flipping the entrance to the hitch end of the trailer.) since many tiny homes put them in the space over the hitch end?

GoDownsize - Shortcuts to Financial & Geographical Freedom

We filmed this home tour with the Free Range guys. A beautiful tiny house with lots of cool features from a tub in the bathroom to the huge sleeping loft.

This is a 30ft x 8.5 x 13.2 with and bedroom down stairs and a loft over bathroom and hall.

This is a x x with and bedroom down stairs and a loft over bathroom and hall.

Tiny House Gear: This site features the best tiny house gear on the internet for tiny house lovers and owners, all in one place.

GOAL 0 EXTREME 350 POWER PACK - Just this little guy and a couple solar panels and you’ll have enough juice to run small appliances, a home computer, electrical devices, en.

8' x 19' tiny house floor plans (with loft above) ... stairs or ladder???

However for my money, there is a little redundancy in having a large desk AND a pretty good sized dining table. I do love the deep though small footprint soaking tub/shower.

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Minim House from Boneyard Studios // The coolest little house ever!

Minim House seeks to fully reimagine the mobile micro home, adding livability, streamlining construction, modernizing aesthetics, increasing.