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This Is What "Harry Potter" Characters Would Have In Their Bags

29 Tips To Make Your Day Magical At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Whether you want to roam the streets of Diagon Alley or cast some spells in Hogsmeade, these hacks and easter eggs will make your day a little more magical.

Seriously can't stop laughing (Tom looks cute in this) ❤

Proactive, now with a special formula that eliminates dark marks! So if you regret joining the dark side for cookies, use Proactive!

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Which 'Harry Potter' Profession Were You in a Past Life? Rowling classify your payroll? - Quiz I got Professor at Hogwarts

Harry Potter!!

The Sirius one is not not not not not not not okay. But the madamn one made me laugh so hard omg

Dumbledore's Army in Black this would be an awesome ript shirt

Harry Potter/Men in Black crossover

Post with 1624 votes and 230760 views. Shared by kirbyfood. Harry Potter/Men in Black crossover

Flowers by puking-pastilles I don't ship it but it's still so cute

Idk I ship Hinny so hard I cry whenever they have a moment when I reread the books/ watch movies or when I see headcanon and drawings of them << i really ship them too but I ship Drarry too so this is what can happen to Ginny in that au

Harry Tumblr # Memes. Best Collection of Funny Harry Tumblr # Pictures

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*slow clap for the Harry Potter fandom* again <<<*pffft* that was hilarious! *standing ovation for potter fandom* i cant stop laughing im gonna join happy potter because holy duck

harry potter

Quiz: Can You Match The Professor To Their Subject? 98% FAIL!

Dating schmating - most of these are just good quotes, period. : ) 23 Harry Potter quotes (that also make great dating advice.