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#Cold and Lonely by Jim Salge >> Isn't his tail glorious? A richly furred #fox sits waiting something in the #snow

The fox is one of my most favorite animals. Even though they are hunted and given a bad rap for stealing chickens (often depicted as evil in shows), they are very smart and beautiful animals. They have the personality of a cat.

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My little brother had a stuffed red panda when he was a kid For years I thought it was a raccoon, and then he informed me it was indeed a red panda. One worldly 5 year old!

The mass extinction of cheetahs has been ignored for far too long. We must add this majestic creature to the list of endangered animals now before they are gone forever. Sign this petition to ask that cheetahs be added to the endangered species list so they can receive the protections they so desperately need.

43 Things British People Know To Be True

* * BABY FOX: " But dey say yer species iz ferocious ! " BABY BADGER: " Sure, if weez needs to beez and ares threatened."