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"This is my path. I walk it for the sanity of my soul. If it doesn't suit you, just go. I'm not afraid to walk alone." ~Witch of Avalon

Damn right.

I would like to erase the words "Silly Christian", as I refuse to make fun of any religion, but I do like the history summarized on one page: Paganism (natural religion) was here BEFORE ALL THA

Witch's Pledge

I will always honor my ancestors. I will always impress my Gods. I will always respect nature. I will always speak my mind. I will always fight for justice. I will always defend myself. I will always stand my ground. I will never stray from honor. I will


Not a believer in wiccan beliefs, but dragonflies represent my sister. Dragonfly Poster Size Wicca Pagan Witch Totem Goth Punk Book of Shadows

Use this as Dialogue and you know all about a character without telling.

Don't tell me how to be a witch. If I wanted rules, I'd go to church.