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Seriously, how can you not love this guy? That's a real jerk thing to do indeed, Robert Kirkman.

Gotta love these Star Wars puns XD

Photo: Jedi & Emails Why can't you email a photo to a Jedi? Because attachments are forbidden :) (Source:

Doctors & their companions

Doctors 9 through 12 and his companions (NuWho)//Micky was one of Nine's companions, too!

Damn skippy!

This happens every day even random people tell me I'm obsessed with the walking dead, but they are not lying its so true I'm even having a the walking dead birthday party-Tierra Mellon A. The walking dead lover.--- why is there a recipe

Things you never knew about Jackie Chan - wtf fun facts

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts Bro Jackie Chan is so hardcore Still always amazing!


Norman Reedus / Daryl Dixon, Andrew Lincoln / Rick Grimes, and Chandler Riggs / Carl Grimes!

My Sunday belongs to the Dead now.

My friends know that Sunday is my day to watch my fave show. Nobody calls me Sundays. Or they're dead or A Walker.