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Niantic Takes Away Legendaries From Pokémon Go Players

When news broke that a couple from Ohio suddenly had a legendary Pokémon yesterday, the most common response from other players was that something fishy was going on. Today, Niantic confirmed the shenanigans, and says it has rectified the situation.

The Best Monsters In Pokémon Go, And How To Find Them

All Pokémon are not created equal: some are definitely better than others. If you’re serious about creating a formidable team, or if you want the satisfaction of having some of the best monsters available in Pokémon Go, you’ve come to the right place.

Pokémon vs Gundam

khrisamisu: “ In celebration of Pokemon’s anniversary, I made some pokemon themed mobile suit customs :) I present to you… “Petunia” “Charlie” And last but not least,

Magikarp Is The Best Pokémon Go Buddy

The Rare Pokémon Go Monsters That No One Has Caught Yet [Update]

Finding A Magikarp In Pokémon Go Is Hilarious

The One Thing That Would Make Magikarp Even Better - Anime Oni

The New Sandcastle Pokémon Is Terrifying

It is 2016 and official Pokémon art now depicts Pikachu DYING. What a time to be alive (or not, in this case!)

These Are Your Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters

Pokémon Sun and Moon | Litten can attack with flaming hairballs! Its fur is rich in oils and immensely flammable. Litten grooms itself by licking its fur, and then uses the collected fur as fuel for fireball attacks!

The Strangest Places Pokémon Go Is Sending its Players [Update]