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Funny pictures about How genetics works. Oh, and cool pics about How genetics works. Also, How genetics works photos.

I really hope he made it into that pool :/

This is why women live longer. The truth is that men don't want to live as long.

These Hilarious Parents Prove That It's Possible To Get Funnier With Age.

Every parent in this collaboration deserves the "Best Parent Ever" award! 33 Brilliantly Funny Pranks That Parents Pulled On Their Kids. These are hilarious!

Collection of Bad Joke EEL

Collection of Bad Joke EEL

Funny pictures about The Best of Bad Joke Eel. Oh, and cool pics about The Best of Bad Joke Eel. Also, The Best of Bad Joke Eel photos.

This is perfect...

Hello Gas Man…

Funny pictures about Hello Gas Man. Oh, and cool pics about Hello Gas Man. Also, Hello Gas Man.

Philosoraptor on money and banks.

Funny pictures about Philosoraptor on life. Oh, and cool pics about Philosoraptor on life. Also, Philosoraptor on life photos.

very clever!

"Help me study for my chemistry test." "No" "But you said you'd help me!" The classic "Who's on first" done for Chemistry.

What were they thinking????

How it's made (bad parenting version)

Lol, Mystery Solved

Lightbulb and Swirly ice cream make a baby- swirly energy efficent light bulb

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Either that or he's shopping for a baby. View "Child in Stroller Doubles as Shopping Cart" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

BAHAHA. So good. Reasons to have children.

Loved this.Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome. So funny + true. Being a parent means lots of laughter + funny times.