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The Gorgeous History Of Tattoos, From 1900 To Present.  Cindy should like this.  Great pictures

The Gorgeous History Of Tattoos, From 1900 To Present

Your barista loves them. Your parents hate them. They immortalize your mantras, memories, loved ones and drunken bad decisions in wild shapes and colors.

These photo planters are EASY to make and make great gifts for Mother's or Father's Day.  Or get the kids excited about gardening with their very own planter. DIY instructions here: http://www.ehow.com/how_12343242_diy-photo-planters.html?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=freestyle&utm_campaign=fanpage

DIY Photo Planters

One-of-a-kind photo planters, ideal projects for children to help make and for families to share as gifts.

garish fishing lures. Remove the hooks and use for a mobile.

Looks like Heddon lures to me. I want to take lures and remove the hooks to make a mobile out of though (:

Filtros Hitech y portafiltros  NikonistasFORO.com (Comunidad de usuarios de cámaras y fotografía digital)

Filtros Hitech y portafiltros Cokin

Overview of Math Different Curriculum Needed - General Education Discussion Board - The Well-Trained Mind Community

Un tour d'horizon des grandes problématiques liées à la pollution : plastiques, hydrocarbures, déforestation, pollutions de l'air, des eaux, des sols.

30 photos révélatrices de la pollution mondiale

This throw away society is imploding on itself. It wont be long before we end up like this boy Swimming In Polluted Water In India.