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Princess warriors

It looks like our favorite Disney princesses don't need a man to save them from danger anymore. Photographer Will Box captured photos of the ladies at Anime Revolution 2014 cosplaying as warrior Disney princesses. These women are so badass that they'

Battle Armor Elsa by Aspen Cosplay Collection at Comic Con Fan X 2015 #disney #frozen

Comic Con Fan X 2015 - Cosplay Photos

Battle Armor Elsa by Aspen Cosplay Collection at Salt Lake Comic Con

Nude Bull Terrier - one of Rafael Mantesso's photographs of his adorable Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo.

Rafael Mantesso's Bull Terrier

Dog owner creates fun and adorable illustrations with his Bull Terrier [via rafaelmantesso]

#France #Dog #Batman   Bulldog francés Batman

What do you mean--we're not watching Batman w George Clooney! I put on my "Bat" suit!

Merry Christmas!

I think I've already pinned this picture, but I love that face soooo much.

retarded puppy - Google Search

retarded puppy - Google Search

We've got an awesome collection of photos for you to check out today  featuring several Disney princess cosplayers wearing battle armor! The  photos come from The Will Box, and they were taken at the Anime Revolution  in Vancouver. This is a really cool set of costumes that were created.  Excellent job!   Photo of Jessica Nigri as Battle Armor Elsa vs. Sub Zero  Photo of Caroline Dawe as Battle Armor Arielle  Photo of Vivid Visions as Battle Armor Anna  Photo of Megan Langan as Battle Armor…

Disney Princess Battle Armor Cosplay

Can't help but smile!

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