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Palette combines color leaving winter, cold green and turquoise colors. Despite the bright colors palette seems to be very strict and clear. Cool mint color sets the mood of the palette. The use of such a scheme creates both cold and brittle manner. To use these colors must be carefully. Winning this palette will look at the collection of accessories.

Бледно-коричневый и болотный, голубой и зеленый, голубой и коричневый, голубой и салатовый, голубой и черный, зеленый и голубой, зеленый и коричневый, зеленый и салатовый

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Amazing palette has a perfect taste. Rich, noble colors evoke a sense of awe and respect. Brown knows how to create the perfect atmosphere of comfort and warmth. His shades in perfect harmony with the ocher and deep blue. In such a color scheme interior of the kitchen, living room, bathroom will look perfect and stylish.

"пыльный" коричневый, белый, бледно-розовый, коричневый, нежные оттенки розового, оттенки розового, розовый, розовый и темно-розовый, светло-коричневый, светло-розовый, тёмно-розовый, цвет розы.

This scheme elegantly combines brown, dark-violet, beige, and copper shades. A bedroom decorated in this style will look trendy and very noble. If this des.