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Interesting Party Game Ideas

I saw this and I thought of some kind of creative problem solving game. Have the categories represent issues that face waterways and have the spinner come up with creative (simple) solutions for solving that problem as a community

Little Boys Made Of Wall Decal

Mischief, giggles, fun and love...That's what little boys are made of. For the shared bedroom with a vinyl on the other side of the room saying "Sugar and spice and everything nice...That's what little girls are made of."

Beautiful Flowers Front Cover Laptop Decal Sticker Case For Apple Macbook Air Pro 11 13 15 Inch Guard Protective Cover Skin

The cards I created are Digital Trading Card Stickers. They were drawn on my iPad in the #DrawArt program I helped create for museum engagement. Each card has a QR code directing museum visitors who receive a card or others who see the stickers plastered on the streets, subways and signs of NY to a video on YouTube. The video allows you to "collect them all".. and watch & learn more about Gutai art! -Paige Dansinger

Customize My Minifig Trade Mark Logo | iPad Retina/3/2 - Snap Case

Customize My Minifig Trade Mark Logo by Chillee Wilson from Customize My Minifig by ChilleeW

Ostrich Pillow

The Grommet :) brought a smile to my face, the web design and some of the products on it. Another pin for the Ostrich pillow.