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A HUGE THANK YOU... Glad to be still here.... U suck Cancer!!!!

"Oh life. Thank you for your beauty. Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson.

ryan gosling and a wonderful quote

More girls need to be infatuated by a man with an educated, ambition, faith, & goals rather than a dude with "swag". Swag doesn't pay your bills." I gag at the word swag.

You're a work of art.  not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you.

Read this and smile everytime because believe it or not, every word in that sentence is true. People who try too hard NOT to understand you aren't worth it.but the people who try hard to TRULY understand you ARE worth it.

Love quotes | we all just want to be the most important thing to someone else

How unique to this human experience that we all just wish to be the most important thing on Earth to someone else. Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson

Meant to be?

I wish every single girl would believe this! If I had believed it, waiting for my amazing husband would have been easier! He loves me for who I am, and I have never had to even ask for it:) Wouldn't it suck to have a life based on an ultimatum ?


doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happines