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They're my favorite people in the world... (Not that these things actually work, but) I'm not doing anything to risk not ever meeting them

I've pinned this so many times before and I really hate chain mail, but I can't EVER risk this. I mean it's already a good chance that I'm never going to meet them and I know that this stuff doesn't actually work but still.

You should love them, my family would just yell at me to stfu

My sis kept on changing lyrics for disconnected, I.dunno if I like or not

I commented 1D, I commented a smiley ... :) I pinned it ... I liked it and I commented Sheerio ! I love all of the above haha

I'm a mixer, directioner, sheerio and I love Cher Lloyd.


MAZ? on

Who else would I be describing? Add in flannels too! << yes flannels asdfghjkl

Michael Clifford cause I'm so freaking pale, but that's not a bad thing now lol ;)

Verging on Calum«« About deep Ashton Irwin.>>> To be honest, I'm more paler than Mikey.>>> probably deep ash too

Luke!!! doubt it but....I'm pinning it again just in case!

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Hey going to the concert and is opening so, I mean I guess they have a better chance of noticing me.

Well at one point he catches the nut.  ( I think) but then it runs away again.

I used to laugh at him.now I realise.we are all him and band members are that stupid acorn

Exactly<<it doesn't matter when we found them 2011-till right in this moment all that maters is that u love all equally and respect them like u would a friend or family member bc they live us all no matter when we found them - Isabella

It's ok though, we all come to the fam at different times. Every fan loves the boys. It doesn't matter if you've been here since the beginning or just joined today. You are still a true fan, and we accept you.

@5sosashtonirwin you are the whole 5SOS Fam's world. We love you to pieces. Everything form your giggle to your keeks.

I am legitimately crying. I'm in tears not even lying because I wonder if my parents ever think like this

Luke Hemmings is right Michael Clifford does suck. Luke and Michael and the whole band of 5 Seconds Of Summer sucks.

Hahahah I chose the right bandyeah.Michael and Luke HATED each other at first.IM STILL LAUGHING<<<<and many years later , someone wrote a song called you suck !