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Avoiding separation of diastasis recti muscle during pregnancy though exercise.

Why is post pregnancy exercise so Important? If you do not do corrective exercise post pregnancy then you have a very high chance of develo.

Tools for the Modern Mama (Plus a Giveaway)

Tools for the Modern Mama (Plus a Giveaway

Awesome resource for moms and pregnant woman that can be used at home or on your phone - can't wait to share with my mommy friends.

королева Иордании Рания Аль-Абдулла. Фото

Queen Rania of Jordan. "Never forget that there's no shortcut to the place you want to reach." - Deodatta V.

Cách trị nghẹt mũi cho bé

Cách trị nghẹt mũi cho bé

I want these type of have the moment and our reactions captured forever

if my future husband does not know to have this moment captured on camera.I want someone to be hiding to take a picture when I get proposed to. What a precious moment to friends better know to tell my future fiance this!

MW still gorgeous (Marky Mark)

Mark Wahlberg tattoos, ranked by fans of the sexy star and of body art. Mark Wahlberg launched his career in the as the rapper Marky Mark along with his group t.

Being pregnant is the new sexy!

Love the white shirt l Love her, be tender with her feelings, and by all means, spoil her.

It is no secret to any expectant father that pregnant women require a little more TLC. Creating life isn’t easy, and at times not fun.

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this bike is gorgeous.I hate Cancer and hope they find a cure soon! for my Aunt Marie who is fighting breast cancer

3 Fun Ways to Take Weekly Baby Bump Photos |  If the idea of having a weekly baby belly photo seems appealing to you, there are many cute and fun ways to do it.

Midwife-Led Maternity Care on the Rise Nice article - and Birth Partners' own Janet Padgett was interviewed as a part of it!