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Omg it's like nerdy punk marcel Harry big mixture just no that does not work with me not gonna happen

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"Over Again(One Direction Vampire Story)Niall Horan Love Story - Introduction" by Macie_Lynn - "Macie was like every other teenager but she was a vampire. She was bit by her old boyfriend Niall Horan…"

Nialler. This is my fave pic of him. He's so perfect.

I love this picture so much. His smile is so perfect. He is so perfect.

hermoso <3

He looks so adorable like if you were cold he would wrap his arms around you and do the little awkward penguin waddle and he would kiss the side of your head and I NEED TO STOP!

that will never be niall but if he ever does that i will stop loving him and i promise

(Open RP) *i had just gotten home and laid down on the couch and was falling asleep. A knock came in the door and I stood up and opened the door to find (y/c) shaking and crying* Help me.