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Charlie Hebdo tribute cartoon Paris shootings Islamic extremists French flag at half-mast, bullet-riddled pencil, pool blood, ink bottle as mosque

Like many cartoonists, I did a Charlie Hebdo tribute cartoon.

Je Suis Charlie Cartoons - Patrick Chappatte

World Cartoonists Strike Back – With More Je Suis Charlie Cartoons

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Koren Shadmi on

Illustrator Koren Shadmi on 'Charlie Hebdo' and the State of French Cartoons

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From burning schools to burning books to killing children to enslaving girls. Grim world of Islamism.

Cartoon by Elena Steier - 8 gennaio Usa §

Cartoon by Elena Steier - 8 gennaio Usa §

Je suis Charlie (medium)

TOONPOOL Cartoons - Je suis Charlie by KritzelJo, tagged charlie, suis, je - Category Politique - rated /

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Ridicule should not draw a death sentence

12 Great Cartoon Responses to the Charlie Hebdo Killings


Islam is the religion of death. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

“What a terribly sad day. #morintoon #jesuischarly #terrorInParis”

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World's cartoonists pay tribute to Charlie Hebdo shooting victims

Cartoonists have created defiant tributes to their fallen comrades at Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.