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friends are our choose family by iheartposey on Polyvore

friends are our choose family by iheartposey on Polyvore

I have NO CLUE what I'm doing . . . but I do KNOW the way to Neverland . . . So come with ME . . . together!

This is one of my favorite quotes from Peter Pan. Peter Pan was always my favorite Disney movie and still is.

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I like blowing cock! (Although sucking works better for me) note: please blame cerissa if this is too crude.

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Hahahahahah jk I love yall ;) wait no. I'm not jk But I do love yall Hahahahahahaha Andrew, Spencer, Caroline, and Ella

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No matter who has hurt you, who has tore you down, or what you have convinced yourself you are protecting your heart from. This is promise you.

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I wish I believed a little less, but even after all Im still too optemistic about you and me, eventhough you made so sure I would know you did have any faith in me or us.