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Birds of a feather: a sparrow finds solace in a hole in the temple's stone wall, on the bosom of the Horus falcon, as it were. Lagide dynasty. Ptolemaic Temple of Horus at Behdet (Edfu). Egypt.

Isis with her son Horus, in some stories Horus is said to be the reincarnation of her husband\brother Osiris...therefore Horus is a triple godhead (brother\lover\son)

Sarcophagus of a queen. This upper part of a sarcophagus displays the portrait of a young queen of the New Kingdom, Dynasty 18. A magnificent Inpw (Anubis as a jackal), “he who is over the secrets,” rests upon a column of secret words. Sadly, we will never know her identity and, according to Egyptian beliefs, unless someone pronounces her name, she loses the eternal life she hoped for.