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Mermaids by *sharpie91

skipperjovi: “ “ Mermaids by ” These are so much more fascinating and beautiful than the mermaids we traditionally see.

Agathion_Cetaceal_by_Eva_Widermann. I love how sleek she looks; usually, with whale (tooth and baleen) merfolk, they look. Not as sleek. She looks sleek and powerful and PRETTY.

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I always draw with really thick lines now so I thought I& try not to also I keep wanting to draw mermaids

Mermaid concepts by Vilva.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Mermaid concepts by *Vilva on deviantART ~the Koi, the Angler fish, the lion fish, the Weedy Sea Dragon,

Mermaid by Sharkie-19

So here are some more sketches of Vera and Noah. Mostly Vera though because I'm making tweaks to Noah's face.