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Девочки-крестьянки из д. Ярки Енисейского уезда в праздничной одежде. 1900-е годы.

Peasant girls in their holiday clothes,

Early 20th-century Russia in Color Photos by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky

Peasant house of Martianova on the Chusovaia River/Perm Province/Kungur uyezd Photos by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky

What Was the Russian Type? | English Russia | Page 4

What Was the Russian Type?

Крестьянская семья, Рязанская губ., Касимовский уезд, с. Увяз. 1910 г.

Villagers, various characters

Así era la vida de la Rusia campesina antes de la revolución

‘Taken during an expedition to Yenisei Province in West Siberia, under the direction of a museum worker. Its aim was to explore and photograph the culture and everyday life of the people who lived there.

19th century Italian Farm/peasant clothing - Google Search

Chava and Fyedka? yes thats what im going towards, Fyedka more russian but this for something like the last look Russian peasant married couple wearing traditional casual dresses.

Московская этнографическая выставка 1867-го года. Крестьянская девица Архангельского уезда, 20 лет.

peasant maiden from Archangelsk region in traditional Russian costume of Archangelsk area. shirt, epanechka/ dushegreya (bodice), necklace (pearls) and headdress. vintage/ old photo of Russia

Typical Jewish Family From Russia

Jewish family group in Russia - Fiddler

early 20th century russia - Google Search

The Sons, The Daughters

Russian gypsy women

An informal portrait of two Russian gypsies of Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia. by HORACE BRODZKY/ National Geographic