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Calvin Nicholls' Paper Sculptures - 02

This gallery contains private commissions and paper sculptures created by paper sculpture artist Calvin Nicholls some of which are for sale

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Trade Pub Campaign :: A white on white paper sculpture series of trade publication spots that keeps growing with themes emphasizing the environment, by Calvin Nicholls

Artist's Delicate Paper Zoo Bridges the Gap Between 2D and 3D Art - My Modern Met

Artist's Delicate Paper Zoo Bridges the Gap Between 2D and 3D Art

Straddling a line between and paper artist Calvin Nicholls forms carefully cut and layered paper sculptures of animals that seem to break free from the surrounding matboard and hover just above the surface.

Началась тематическая неделя на Ярмарке 'Бумажная феерия'. Хочу поделиться найденными на просторах сети шедеврами. Канадец Кэлвин Николлс вырезает из бумаги удивительно натуральных зверей уже почти тридцать лет. И это не хобби. Как пишет сам Кэлвин, он занимается скульптурами из бумаги в режиме full-time и не собирается останавливаться. Его работы покупают рекламные агентства, художественные галереи, издатели книг, частные коллекционеры.

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls has been a full time paper sculpture artist since the mid During that time he has created pieces for advertising campaig

Paper Artist Calvin Nicholls is the artist behind these amazing sculptures. He uses nothing but sheets of paper and brings to life many exotic creatures including lions, pandas and zebras. Each piece takes around four weeks to produce and in some cases have taken up to two years.

Amazing Paper Sculpture by Calvin Nicholls

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls creates these amazing sculptures using sheets of paper. He’s been creating these paper sculptures since.

Calvin Nicholls is a master when it comes to the art of paper reliefs. He manages to capture an essence of gracefulness in each of his sculptures. In this particular collection where the focus is nature here are many of the seventy-five sculptures that were created for the Follet Collection Resources Campaign in response to a request of licensing from art director Lee Sievers. The full collection remains on display at their international corporate headquarters.

Amazing Paper Sculpture by Calvin Nicholls - Pondly- The ducks are so realistic! It's amazing how the artist was able to use only paper and create such an creative work of art. incredible fuzzy texture of the ducks