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sooo cute....can't wait until Lexi has a brother or sister some day so I can take cute pics like this!

We don't want human children, but man these pictures are ADORABLE! =) We LOVE our doggie children tons!


Dorquisha the explorer. Yo, where dat map be? I literally just laughed for 10 minutes, my stomach hurts Burck you need to see this, you will die. I seriously can't stop laughing.

How to Identify a Meth Lab

blacklab chocolatelab methlab funny dogs New lab breed: Meth lab

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Lovely shot of an eagle soaring

All I Wanted Was a Doughnut

There’s just something about seeing a once-endangered creature—a symbol of the country in which we live—flying freely through the air.

10 Grappige Dieren Foto's

Who's the bastard that bought this cute guy a tiny slide? Buy him a bigger slide, damn it.

My fist....  bump it

My fist.... bump it

Check out all our Fist Bump Cat funny pictures here on our site. We update our Fist Bump Cat funny pictures daily!

Happhhy Eaphster Phteven | Tuna, the "Phteven" dog

Funny pictures about Thquirrel! Oh, and cool pics about Thquirrel! Also, Thquirrel!

Too cute not to post this...

cutiest baby bunny ever! my fav. animals are bunnys as you can tell lol i use to have one but we gave her away:( i was sad and i still miss her but lol this bunny is so cute! lol i should probly shut up so yeah cutie

Boxer Motto : "Live for Family. Love for Keeps." Spoken like a true BFF! (Nice job FURminator)

Reminds me of my boxer when I was a little girl when I put a tutu on her.

I dream of a day when animal abuse and neglect is a felony

"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain." ~ Emily Dickinson love the picture

Useless Kitten

Useless Kitten