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Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gases

An introductory 28-slide PowerPoint that covers all major topics in a typical middle school unit on solids, liquids and gases.Through text, pictures and animations, this presentation introduces numerous topics.Contents:- What is matter- 4 states of matter- Properties of Solids- Properties of Liquids- Properties of Gases- Properties of Plasma- Changes of stateBonus Section!The presentation includes a separate quiz/game where students examine 10 images and decide whether a solid, liquid or…

STEM: Ecological Organization Interactive Notebook (INB) Activities

Six science notebook activities that can be used to teach, review and assess students’ understanding of biotic factors and abiotic factors and the organizational levels in the environment. A guide and answer key for each activity is included to assist in implementation. Biomes | Abiotic Biotic Factors | Living or Non-living | Ecology | Environment | Interactive Notebooks Science

The atomic theory of matter tells us that a gas is made up of tiny particles called atoms (or molecules, which are combinations of atoms), which are constantly in motion, smashing into each other and the walls of whatever container they might be in. Here is a highly visual model of this idea.