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MTHIS NEEDS TO REPOSTED ITS REALLY IMPORTANT I SWEAR ITS NOT FAKE (because it would be really messed up if this was fake)

everyone put this on your most popular board!<<this is creeping me out because I feel like I've seen her somewhere. this is not funny, but this is my most popular board

*gasp* it might be!

*gasp* it might be!

16 Funny and Geeky Kids Who Are Doing Things Right - TechEBlog

Kiddos can be rowdy at times, but there's no denying that they are worth it. like the baby above who's trying to climb on top of a plush Totoro toy. We have rounded sixteen more funny and geeky kids who are doing things (and life) right.

Pin by Valentina Trejo on Repost | Pinterest | Cancer, Fighting Cancer and People

I have half a heart<<I have no soul, my heart is truly ice cold. If the fact that people care makes the ones fighting cancer happy, I will force my heart to be a warm as blue flames.

Tell me who the monster is and always was ---the girls that judged her...... this made me cry

I knew when I saw the long cliff I thought crap what happened but when I saw the splat. My eyes widened and my heart melted. We need to stop bullying.>>this really got me thinking, it's so sad.