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Bruce Lee was a martial artist, philosopher and actor. Check out these 11 powerful Bruce Lee Quotes.

Things Your Father May Or May Not Have Told You.

Things Your Father May Or May Not Have Told You.

Things I want in a man and in my future son 45 Ultimate Tips For Men. This is nice and I'd love to meet the kind if man who respects those tips

Jeet Kune Do South Paw Stance

Here is a diagram of a correct JKD stance. Design by me: Damjan Visnjic. Reference from the book of Bruce Lee: Method of Fighting-basic t.

Bruce Lee quotes galore

the key to immortality is living a live worth to remember - and other quotes from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, man. No disrespect to Chuck Norris, though, they were both cool!

Actual Bruce Lee Facts…

Funny pictures about Actual Bruce Lee Facts. Oh, and cool pics about Actual Bruce Lee Facts. Also, Actual Bruce Lee Facts.

Donnie Yen --- these things are true. Fight comes from the spirit, always from the spirit. And fightig is a spiritual connection. For ISTP it can be an expression of worship to God. Therefore when you fight, ensure that the Spirit you're connecting to is The Holy Spirit and Christ and the Father.

I have always adored Donnie Yen. He is one of the main reasons I love Kung Fu movies. He's so talented and inspiring.