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Download the Mannique dress form pattern! The Mannique dress form pattern is a free pattern from Timelace Studio to enable you to make your own corset dress form. The pattern comes without seam allowance. Important lines like bustline, waistline and hipline are drawn into the pattern, so it can be scaled to a different size. Since the dress form is very compressible, it should be bigger than the corset, in which it shall fit in.

Bra-making Sew Along: Vertical Seam Variation

Bra-making Sew Along: Vertical Seam Variation ***Geen patroon, maar goeie raad om bestaande patrone te verstel***

Сorset lady

PUIMOND PY11 Long Overbust Swarovski Bridal Silk Corset w/ French Lace Size 22 NEW In-stock

The alluring mystique of a woman's figure has been poetically depicted in various forms of art and literature throughout time. And what item is not more seductively suitable to enhance and accentuate the feminine shape, than a sexy, tight laced...