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Rorbuns! :D

Adding a sentient bunny as a character was the best idea ever.

Lonely as a cloud (Sera is at peak Tommy Pickles, here.)

Lonely as a cloud (Sera is at peak Tommy Pickles, here.

Well, carp.

We're getting Ramen Empire back to its college humor roots, and we're starting by reintroducing and rebooting Shu.

We Should Really Name Our Characters

It's been too long since we made comics. What the hell happened to my kerning? Update: Fixed the weird font problem.

Did you do something with your hair?

The title Afterglow is sooooo copyrighted in the context of twilight parody. Also, the last time we updated our story was somewhere around September, so we forgive you for hitting the back button and

Oscar bait.

Oscar bait.

It's like a catchphrase

It's like some horrifying, inverse Bechdel test, I think.

I'm so glad Oglaf doesn't make this comic.

I like to think that bus creepers are all actually innocent, awkward nerds who have no idea what the context of their surroundings creates when they spook up on a girl who is clearly uncomfortable.

Calliope is a level 30 camel god, and is easier to check out than a camera. Thanks, campus.

I think I make a circuit around campus trying to dance around red tape at least three times per semester. The photo / camera / recording / marketing labs are bad, but financial aid is by

He Takes His Waking Slow

Monday is supposed to be for our off-topic comic (which is currently WildStar fanfic, and will be for a while.

Knock Knock

Wildstar is amaze-balls, in case anyone was wondering.