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Do we REALLY need a government entity to tell us how to stay COOL?

Give us your candy

No need to worry much about cavities because your local dentist will fix them in no time with the help of dental restorations and

Have questions about tooth replacement?

If you're missing any teeth, consider dental implants as a long-lasting solution. Read the benefits of implants in the photo below and call to schedule a consult with our oral surgeon, Dr.

The office will be closed on the 25th & 26th & will re-open on the 27th of December. We cant wait to see our patients right before the new year!  We hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas! Love the PDA family : )

We cant wait to see our patients right before the new year! Love the PDA family : )

If only

If only

It is so important to floss because your toothbrush cannot clean the surfaces between your teeth. A little fun fact for Tuesday, if you don't floss you are not cleaning 35% of your tooth surface!!

Dentaltown - After you brush do you finish cleaning your teeth with floss? Did you know if you don’t floss you miss cleaning of your teeth?

Dolorosamente, los antiguos mayas decoraban sus dientes

De esta forma tan dolorosa y original decoraban sus dientes los antiguos mayas

Mayan dental history with dental inlays of semi precious stones over a thousand years ago.