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✨FOCUS on the Powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful, parts of life, and the Universe will keep giving them to You. #Abraham-Hicks

SO FREAKIN AWESOME! I feel like I've hacked life! And the fact that I used to take freakin happy pills to feel numb.since I wasn't happy.

Love the line, prepare for the job ahead. Take time to plan for a successful job.

Quote on smart work by Abraham Lincoln Quote on smart work by Abraham Lincoln motivational quotes inspirational



grass is greener where you water it …so true! for so many….WATER YOUR OWN DAMN GRASS….and stop tryin to water minezzzzzzzzz…we doing jus fine ova here♥

Ladies and gentlemen, Abraham Ford - Imgur

Ladies and gentlemen, Abraham Ford

'The Walking Dead': Michael Cudlitz Talks Abraham's Motivations and Catchphrases, and the Season Finale That's Going to Make You Very Angry

Some people find reasons right from the beginning to dislike you, without having one convo or interaction. Those people are the ones who need to look inside themselves and discover what internal battle they are fighting.

People love you and some people hate you. But that isn't something important in your life. The people we love and love us back are a wonderful gift in life. But the people who hate you aren't and that's okay, because you don't need them to love you.

7 Brilliant #Quotes - Shakespeare, Napoleon, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Martin…

"Seven Brilliant Quotes" Great idea to use for high school English classes: "Choose your favorite quote and write about its importance/significance to a unit/novel of study"

I am very creative and prosperous and I always have a lot of money making ideas, which brings me a lot of money from many different Vortexes!

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Unconditional love means withdrawing your attention from the conditions that prevent love. Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ3183) #love unconditional

Abraham: "Unconditional Love means withdrawing your attention from the conditions that prevent love.