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A collection of the Illuminati symbols. Notice many heart symbols are incorporated with other occult symbols, such as "One Eye" "Mad of Miriam (Kabbala amulet, Hamsa)" and more. The heart symbol is an occult symbol.

8x10 Tattoo Flash Artwork Print  Owl of by CAPTAINCHAOSARTWORKS, $19.00

Owl of Wisdom - Tattoo print

The owl represents protection & wisdom, where the all-seeing eye represents god looking down upon humanity! Illuminati eye sees all & the owl is key to protection; therefore the all-seeing eye is protecting all of us

Baphomet with many symbolic elements, and the mantra of Aleister Crowley, "Do What Thou Wilt."

Analysis of the Archetypal Symbolism and Etymology of Baphomet

Nick Bertioli’s Photos sur @We Heart It.com  in http://luxoccultapress.tumblr.com/post/68189657641/http-whrt-it-zbwsak

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☮ All Seeing EYE ~ psychedelic, hippie art, revolution OBEY style, Masonic, street graffiti, illustration and design. ☮


All Seeing Eye by Madame Bricolage. The Eye of the storm.

Odd Fellows Lodge Décor or Casket Adornment

This site has a brief history of the ( IOOF ) Odd Fellows, showing the artwork that is often hung on the walls of lodges