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Bruh me: no there was 3 mistakes because blah blah blah

Me watching the Olympics: That was amazing! Announcer: another devastating mistake!

Cierto. Durante varios minutos, hasta dormirme.

So true tho! But that also helps me fall asleep. No one can just instantly fall asleep once they lay down in bed.

I know, right

So relatable was just thinking about this the other day. Yes that is so true

Daily Humor - Enjoy The Laughs

And 56 pairs of underwear and 92 bras. ya never know! just kidding let's be real I'll wear the same bra for like 3 weeks


yeh that's me whats the point of learning witch letter is what number the easiest letters to remember is a and z<<<Lets be honest.there are no normal people

Not sure if the origin, or validity, but I love the story and sentimemt. Bravo young man!

If this were my son I wouldn't be mad at him at all for this. Such a young age and this little boy realizes the better things of the world. Faith in humanity can be restored, and it starts with our children.


Totally felt like this

As a military brat, how could I not repin this?:')

Aww this is really sweet but it's really bugging me that I can't find the soldier in the picture they did a close up on

Glad im not the only one! lol haha first time I read this I thought it said seeing another teenage and thinking thank god I'm not the only one. Lol

thank GOD I m not the only