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Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian

the art room plant: Isol Misenta Marisol Misenta srdecni zalezitost...krasa...

Nocturne: Dream Recipes Isol In this little spiral-bound book, each page offers a choice of dream. Find the one that sounds interesting to you, hold it up to a bright light to activate the glow-in…

I see three if you look at the top and bottom four.

28 Pictures That Make You Think about Things Differently

Perception: the ability to be aware of the things around us through our five senses (hear, feel, sense, touch and taste). Our perception of reality is influenced by others around us.

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Claris- A Lady's Progress by temiel on deviantART fashion progression silhouette victorian and earlier

Lines and Colors: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts via PinCG.com

Wow these are creepy! Don Kenn (AKA John Kenn Mortensen), who continues to fill Post-It pads and other odds and ends of office supplies with pen drawings of his d.

Synapses + Neurons. This is what the inside of our brains look like when we are thinking.

The brain makes sense of our experiences by focusing closely on the timing of the impulses that flow through billions of nerve cells

Pastel de queso japonés by Raquel Carmona

food styling dark - pastel de queso japonés by Raquel Carmona

Don't know if this is a fangirl or Sigyn, but love this picture.|| EDIT: I found the artist!!! This is Loki and Jane! http://sinto-risky.deviantart.com/art/Traitors-542213225

Traitors by Sinto-risky. I thought it was Sigyn before reading the details. Nevertheless, Jane, Sigyn or else, this is a wonderfully executed fanart.