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The long, triangular design was quite bulky to touch, and it was pretty heavy. Not something that you could easily or discreetly smoke in public, that’s all we’ll say on that just now. We emailed VaporFi who offered us a replacement Jet battery as a good will gesture. We would advise you to head on over to the VaporFi Pro review and have a read – that one we had much better luck with! The second VaporFi Jet e-cigarette turned up, and we were merrily using it AT HOME ONLY. We didn’t want to run the risk of taking it out in a pocket or bag and break it again. Although a FANTASTIC product, both batteries we had for the VaporFi Jet broke within a couple of months of starting using them, which leads us to believe (when adding the other reviews we read saying the same thing) that there is a slight design flaw with the makeup of the e-cig. We made sure that it was looked after, and never dropped or banged it and a few weeks later, the exact same problem happened with the second battery. After a bit of a superglue botch job, we agreed to admit defeat and pronouns the e-cigarette dead.

Everything else about the e-cigarette was amazing, to the point where we could have happily used this e-cigarette for the rest of our lives with no complaints, but when you are needing to replace the battery every few months, it just isn’t worth it.