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Dave Gibbons pic of the "Watchmen".

Dave Gibbon's Watchmen was one of the most influential comics of all time. The beautiful bright colour palette that is mostly shunned for being unfashionable now was considered fashionable in the when it was made.

Landscape Drawings | dave gibbons artwork

Sargent and the Sea American expatriate artist John Singer Sargent is best known for his glamorous society portraits.

Watchmen 4 (December 1986) - "Watchmaker" - Art by Dave Gibbons - Words by Alan Moore

Watchmen 4 (December - "Watchmaker" - Art by Dave Gibbons - Words by Alan Moore

Rorschach by Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons Rorschach Commission (Inked), in Royd Burgoyne's Dave Gibbons Gallery Comic Art Gallery Room

Vintage Watchmen. my favorite comic...

The Place To Check: Comic : Watchmen - Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons/John Hi.