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retrosci-fi: Its future architecture. retro-futurism

scificovers: Interesting typography and another classic Valigursky space ship. Ace Double F-227:The Astronauts Must Not Land by John Brunner 1963. Cover art attributed to Ed Valigursky.

scificovers: Ace Double D-335: The War of Two Worldsby Poul Anderson 1959. Cover art by Ed Valigursky.

dreamingofy2k: Tekhnika Molodezhi (Youth Technics) magazine cover 1972

scificovers: Ace Double #37062 -The InheritorsandThe Gateway to Neverby A. Bertram Chandeler 1972. Cover artist uncredited and unknown.

scificovers: Ace Double D-237Master of Life and Death by Robert Silverberg. Cover art by Ed Emshwiller 1957.

scificovers: Ace Double H-91: Target: Terraby Laurence M. Janifer and S. J. Treibich 1968. Cover art by Jack Gaughan.

scificovers: Ace Books D-482:The Weapon Shops of Isher by A. E. van Vogt 1961. Cover artist unknown.