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New york

New york

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Drink coffee by the lake. Draw and journal in nature. Relax/ Be at peace in nature.

Love this photo... will definitely be trying this in Cancun this summer!

pretty hair girl beautiful summer motivation dream body sun nature thinspiration amazing beach waves ocean sea sweet color Sunlight summer 2012 horizon note to self caught the sun.


Beach Photography Picture Description A girl running with birds feeling free. She looks stress free and as if she was flying summer sun

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I will live in Italy one day.Italy is my favorite place.and from there I can easily and often travel to my second favorite place, France.

raining buckets! (07.05.2017: No rain again today. We have only had a couple of light rain showers here in North Hertfordshire for nearly 2 months. My garden in parched - bring on the rain!)

Beautiful cottage and side garden made more beautiful by the drenching downpour.

beyond the horizon...who can say?

"ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. through everything God made, we can clearly see His invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature. so we have no excuse for not knowing God.

Love the ocean.  It's magnificent!

Why We Give Thanks

The ocean was the best place, of course. It was a feeling of freedom like no other, and yet a feeling of communion with all the other places and creatures the water touched.