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Vintage Iceboxes Unfinished

Antique Vintage Refrigerator-Make in alder, with stainless interior, oak shelves. Typically + 2 away from wall. (Pete) (pictured in hickory)

One kitchen wall is devoted to the custom designed built-in General Electric refrigerator.

Built in Refrigerator - in a style from the - gives almost a little nasty feeling that the coroner harboring their activities here.

vintage refrigerator..1930's

GE MONITOR-TOP VINTAGE REFRIGERATOR - see Vintage GE Ads 1920s - 1930s

- GE Monitor-Top Vintage Refrigerator, by on Hubpages - GE Monitor-Top Vintage Refrigerator The most recognized of vintage refrigerators is the GE Monitor-Top refrigerator. This residential refrigerator was introduced by General.

Antique gibson solid oak wood ice box - ice chest - refrigerator

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Old icebox doors made into panels for a new panel-front fridge.

Roseland Icebox Company creates turn-of-the-last-century icebox doors for built-in refrigeration. (Forget the refrigerator, this is awesome for a studio lol.

Art Deco enamelware refrigerator. Very (cough) cool.

Why Old Refrigerators Make You Bend Over and Nothing Fits Inside