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And chips maybe..LOL

And chips maybe..LOL

My sister-in-law, those who stir the shitpot should have to lick the spoon, so over your jealous drama. Don't even go there with me, I will destroy you.

Check out SnarkEcards’s profile on iFunny :) Official iFunny page for snark E-cards. Subscribe. My other account is in the subscriptions.

I don't need a personal assistant ... I need a personal DIY'er ... after all, someone has to craft and cook my Pinterest pins!! Yes please!

In my house when I am preparing food the health standards that we have at work do not apply. I'm going stick my finger in it, lick the spoon, use the same spoon for multiple items, and that shit will still be amazingly delicious.

HAHA! Someone at the Y told me today, if people think facebook and pinterest are real life, they truly sadden me. LMAO, I mean. Don't take pinning too seriously, friends;) Relax and go have a piece of cake and workout. It'll all be ok.

I've always said I refuse to date a woman that doesn't swear. You have 3 dates to utilize 'fuck' appropriately otherwise it's not going to work...

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