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I see you've brought your extra large spoon to stir up trouble today. LOL - Sounds like someone I know.

Check out SnarkEcards’s profile on iFunny :) Official iFunny page for snark E-cards. Subscribe. My other account is in the subscriptions.

Lmbo! People should think about this when they get our Christmas candy!

I don't need a personal assistant ... I need a personal DIY'er ... after all, someone has to craft and cook my Pinterest pins!! Yes please!

I've always said I refuse to date a woman that doesn't swear. You have 3 dates to utilize 'fuck' appropriately otherwise it's not going to work...

HAHA! Someone at the Y told me today, if people think facebook and pinterest are real life, they truly sadden me. LMAO, I mean. Don't take pinning too seriously, friends;) Relax and go have a piece of cake and workout. It'll all be ok.

Free, Somewhat Topical Ecard: The amount of time you've spent pinteresting lately is somewhat alarming.