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mariahkaye-alpha: “Mo Anam Cara ♡ My Soul Friend. I believe there are several of these important people in our lives, who come into our lives when we are most ready for them. #celtic #anamcara #gaelic...

FREE! A collection of 9 stations that help students learn and independently practice the ck rule. This includes a student choice board with files and directions for all activities.

Crooked Pervert Donnie and the Russian swamp scum!

Henceforth for all 65 Million plus voters of good conscience, Herr Gröpen-Fuhrer Drumpf shall be referred to as TOADUS instead of POTUS. #NeverNormalizeTrump #TheResistance

And they're still happy as f*ck.

Yes, and running it to the bowl

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Sherlock, Mrs Hudson and Molly - The Six Thatchers