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The benefits of juicing during pregnancy: http://ifocushealth.com/juice-recipes-for-pregnant-women/

Can fresh juices be a good addition to your pregnancy diet? Which juices are best during pregnancy? Find here 6 healthy juice recipes for pregnant women.

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One of the most common questions that I am constantly asked is if working out and dieting will affect your milk supply while breastfeeding. The short answer? However, it is what you do

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet - inspiredbirthpro.com

Resources for the Brewer Pregnancy Diet

The Brewer Pregnancy ensures that expectant have a healthy pregnancy. Birth who support the use of this diet can get their practices listed on Joy Jones' website.

This smoothie is packed with foods that are so beneficial for you and your baby.  Its great for breakfast, snack or post workout.

Superfoods Pregnancy Smoothie

This superfoods pregnancy smoothie is delicious and great for getting all the nutrients you and your baby need. Make it daily and enjoy the benefits.

Article on prenatal vitamins not being necessary if you eat a healthy vegan diet... Interesting stuff

What are the Best Prenatal Vitamins?

What are the best prenatal vitamins for people who eat healthy? Do we really need to supplement? And, should health-vegans worry about it? Answering these questions and more.