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Earlier this week, a colonist candidate for the one-way mission to Mars broke his silence and spoke out against the Mars One project, calling the selection

Surface of Mars

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A 62-year-old Montreal-based photographer has spent the last 12 years scouring the world for complete strangers who have alarmingly similar physical characteristics. The results, at least in part, support the contention that not only do these templates exist, but sometimes to such a degree that there are other human beings on the planet that look almost identical to others, despite no relation whatsoever. #traits #clones #templates #doppelgänger

Unrelated People Who Look Exactly Alike ~ photographer François Brunelle [click through for more]

Konzeptzeichnung des Analemma Towers

Architektur: Dieser Wolkenkratzer hängt einfach im Weltall

Konzeptzeichnung des Analemma Towers

From Mars-Awesome shot from underneath Curiosity

This view of the three left wheels of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity combines two images that were taken by the rover's Mars Hand Lens Imager on September the day of Curiosity's work on Mars. In the distance is the lower slope of Mount Sharp.

Mars Rover Curiosity: The Red Planet's Next Explorer

Mars Rover Curiosity: The Red Planet's Next Explorer

This movie shows how Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023. Click on the red button [=] in the bottom to change the subtitles.  For more information visit www.mars-one.com

INHABITANTS WANTED: Mars One, the Dutch-based, nonprofit space travel organization, is recruiting a few brave men and women to colonize the red planet. I’m a skeptic of the Mars One mission. In fact, I think Mars One’s interplanetary initiative is

Have you ever wondered what might happen to your body in space without a spacesuit? Is it really as dramatic as the movies make it out to be? Would you literally EXPLODE? Could you survive?

July 12 : Last space shuttle mission. Helmet view of the International Space Station and earth from astronaut Mike Fossum

Colonizing Mars. NOT NASA Sanctioned, but.....

Mars One: 'It's important what you do before you die'

erin dnt carroll mars reality show

Mars Exploration Rover Spirit

Second NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission vehicle - Opportunity - is still active on the planet Mars since It landed on the surface of Mars in three weeks after its twin Spirit touched down on the other side of the planet