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Mari Slaatelid   protective

Mari Slaatelid protective

He follows me everywhere...

❥ angel on the subway.this is ironic, really, because in my book, Scarlett lives in New York and takes the subway all the time Scarlett is an Angel

Arno Fisher 1967

Arno Fischer, Photography, Photography - Russian National Centre of Photography, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Illusion: I like the idea of distorting the face to create more emotion. Her hands unsuccessfully covering her face offers more meaning than the photo would hold without them.

Thomas Struth_Museo del Prado_2005

For over thirty years, the Marian Goodman Gallery has played an important role in introducing European artists to American audiences and helping to establish a vital dialogue among artists and institutions working internationally.

Paul Himmel - Woman on Dune, 1949

Paul Himmel, Woman on Dune, 1949

onabicycle: The news rides by in style!

real life newspaper delivery on a bike in Asia , bet the kids that deliver the new york times are glad they don't have to do this with the sunday supplement .they can't even get the thing in a letterbox if t.v is anything to go by .