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Budding Biologist: Am I An Insect? by Kristine Duehl.  Mom and Son give it 5 stars. Ages 3+

Scientifically accurate books for young children. If I read about one more butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The cover of the first Budding Biologist book 'Am I an Insect?

Butterfly cloud

butterfly migration in Mexico. This reminds me of one time when I was little I was sitting outside and then a big wing came in and blew for like 3 seconds and when it stopped there was hundreds of monarch butterflies in our yard.

How many species are there across the globe? How much do all of the insects in the world collectively weigh? How far can animals travel? Steve Jenkins answers these questions and many more with number

Animals by the Numbers: A Book of Infographics (Hardcover)

Stephen and the Beetle by Jorge Lujan

"Stephen and the Beetle", Jorge Luján (illustrated by Chiara Carrer) 2012

"Bones" by Steve Jenkins-Great to use for discussion of developing expository texts as well as discussion of main idea and supporting details.

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Lesson

Bones: Skeletons and How They Work: Steve Jenkins - you can't go worng with anything by Steve Jenkins.

How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly?, Steve Jenkins & Robin Page  #OnlineShopping  #KidsBooks  #ChildrensBooks

How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly?

How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly? Great nature book for teaching ways animals are adapted to catch food--physical and behavioral.

Biography Bottles @ The Millbrae Library by San Mateo County Library, via Flickr-biography book report

This is a biography bottle. The students used water bottles to make the body of the famous person they were studying. Most social studies classes have a biography unit and this would be such a fun way to make a visual to go along with the presentation.