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"New Nurse Survival Kit" gift basket. Link to free tag included!

The Terrific Teacher: DIY: New Nurse "Survival Kit" - this would work well for med students and interns too!

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Emergency First Aid for Nurses: A Practical Guide - Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack

I'm not crazy because I'm a surgical nurse...I'm crazy because I like it Rectangle Magnet

I'm not crazy because I'm a surgical nurse.I'm crazy because I like it Rectangle Magnet


Nursing: IV cannulas It rhymes - Green, pink, blue, 22 - for those of you who don't really stat IVs

Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: Antiarrhythmics

Includes Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips that are visual. Simplify the concepts of pharmacology with these memory-aids!

For people with diabetes, it is important to check your glucose level after heavy exercise. Exercise can keep consuming glucose for up to 24 hours later, so it's best to check your glucose level every 45 minutes or so after your workout to see if your glucose level is dropping or remaining stable. Have you ever thought of turning your burger inside out? Well, not exactly, but putting the lettuce on the... FULL ARTICLE @ http://www.diabetes-matters.com/got-diabetes-use-this-advice-to-help/

Diabetes Insipidus: Caused by a lack of ADH which stimulates the re-absorption of water and sodium. This diabetes has nothing to do with blood sugar.

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Medical mnemonics are helpful study aids for nursing examinations like NCLEX. Many students use them in remembering complex nursing concepts. Fortunately, there are plenty of eye-catching nursing m…