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ofuro shower

ofuro: japanese ofuro bathtub in hinoki wood handmade in Japan by bartokdesign Co. Enjoy soaking in this aromatic hot tub spa as if you were in a japanese onsen!

Redoing your shower? Consider a built-in niche for shampoos and soaps. Line it with a solid surface (not tile) to avoid soap scum build up in the grout lines.

shower niche--Size it to minimize tile cuts, and line the bottom with a leftover piece of stone or solid-surface countertop, not tile, so that you won't have to scrape away scum from grout lines

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A round up of some of the most gorgeously tiled bathrooms to help inspire your next bathroom renovation, or just day dream about it!

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The tilted slab of marble draws further attention to this modern take on a sink, further exploration shows that it is encased in glass that allows for the water to pool in the bottom of the V created by the marble and glass slabs


i love open shelving in the kitchen, but it really is not very practical. look at all that wasted space. do you see anything functional there, like stuff you keep in your kitchen cupboards?

Concealed hand slots on drawers, creating a very minimal and a clean look. Also, the color combination is just beautiful.

Furniture design: beautiful detail of concealed hand slots on drawers, simple, minimalistic, wood, home

33 Creative Makeup Storage Ideas And Hacks For Girls

33 Creative Makeup Storage Ideas And Hacks For Girls

IKEA PS 2014 Rail m 118/récip/tbl mgn/4bou 25mm  - IKEA-26€-60 cm

IKEA PS 2014 Wall rail, birch - birch - 118 cm - IKEA To store snowboard above storage room door