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Samurai armor (Yoroi-Kabuto)

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Armor (Gusoku) with Foot Guards Helmet bowl signed Saotome Iye[tada?] (Japanese, Edo period) Armorer: Breastplate inscribed inside, Myochin Munesuke (Japanese, Edo period, Date: and century Culture: Japanese

Sakakibara Yasumasa Armor

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Onyx Okegawa Samurai Armor

The onyx okegawa samurai armor is faithfully reproduced using traditional methods and materials, making a very authentic and functional suit of samurai armor.

Suji bachi kabuto,  hatomune byo-toji yoko-hagi okegawa dou gusoku, kabuto signed Echizan nu Kuni Toyohara Jū Bamen Tomotsugu Saku (Made by Bamen Tomotsugu, residing in Toyohara, Echizen Province [Fukui Prefecture]). Bamen Tomotsugu was the leading armorer of the Bamen School in the eighteenth century. Complete armors signed by him are extremely rare.

C Japan - helmet signed by Bamen Tomotsugu. Armor (Gusoku), C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Etsuko O. Morris and John H., in memory of Dr.


Re-creation of okegawa ni mai dou armor

Procession of military officials of early heian era. Japanese armor.

Procession of military officials of early heian era.


Tetsuya Noguchi’s Chanel Samurai Armor

鎧の光山堂 / 黒小札赤糸威大鎧【覇王】

鎧の光山堂 / 黒小札赤糸威大鎧【覇王】

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