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native dove

Parakeet | / No Brasil são os periquitos australianos , pertencem a família dos PSITACÍDEOS , como araras , tuim, papagaios e lori

We protect parrots. WPT is a leading, science-based, results-oriented parrot conservation and welfare organization.

A Rainbow Lorikeet and white Corella having a friendly chat

Long-billed Corella (Cacatua tenuirostris) close up of a bird

Rainbow Lorikeet looking dazzling.

Noisy Miner having a pensive moment.

Brown-hooded Parrot - Pyrilia haematotis; Range: Mexico south to W Panama. This species is found up to 1200m in dense primary rainforest, including low elevation cloud forest, forest clearings with grass and scattered trees, and cultivated areas.Photo by Bill Holsten.

An Australian Currawong

Straw Necked Ibis always mooching around looking for a free meal