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Sedum SunSparkler® Cherry Tart

Photo of Sedum (Hylotelephium SunSparkler® Cherry Tart). Photo Location: My Garden, Zone 4 Wisconsin on

Pachyveria cv Royal Blue

Pachyveria cv Royal Blue 5cm RARE Pachyphytum x Echeveria Succulent Ariocarpus U

Pachyveria cv Royal Blue RARE Pachyphytum x Echeveria Succulent Ariocarpus U

Graptosedum Vera Higgins This plant is the result of an unusual cross between two Mexican genera (ghost plant, and coral beads).  This hybrid features the rosette form and the ghostly color of one parents on new growth and the purple red/bronze coloring of other parent as leaves age.  The plant loves sun on the coast, but may suffer inland where extreme heat forces it to be grown in the shade.  Water scantly in winter but often in the summer for fast growth.

Graptosedum 'Vera Higgins' is a red-bronze color. A graptosedum is a cross between a graptopetalum (originally from Mexico) and a sedum plant. 'Vera Higgins' is more robust and paler than 'Alpenglow'.

Sedum Traleasei

Sedum Traleasei

Pachyveria 'Blue Mist' (by Mat Lichtenstein)

Pachyveria 'Blue Mist' (by Mat Lichtenstein)