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Glass and bottle of Suze - Pablo Picasso

Paintings by Style: Synthetic Cubism - Pablo Picasso

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A collage (From the French: coller , to glue) is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different .

Pyotr Konchalovsky, Still Life, The Palette And Paint, 1912

25 Creative Still Life Ideas To Draw Or Paint

Still life scenes are a perfect demonstration of light in a controlled environment. If you need inspiration, check out these 25 creative still life ideas.

A series based off DC Comic character, Barry Allen, a crime-scene investigator who is dedicated to learning the truth about his mother's death.

Can You Name That Crime Board?

Have you ever noticed that in every crime or drama series there is always a scene where an investigation board is used to help the lead characters solve the crime? Take the quiz and test your knowledge - can you identify that TV crime board?

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after her training the first person she went after was the man who ruined her childhood. she worked days without sleep using coffee to keep her focused until she caught it lead. this used to be a cold case but now it was a hunt.

we recreate the crime wall ourselves - feels like we've seen this too many times before

we recreate the crime wall ourselves - feels like we've seen this too many times before-Emma Carstairs

Art: collage on paper

heartlandart ~ "Yellow Square" vintage paper, paint, pencil, marker on 9 x 12 paper

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